• Ken Haydock

Acupuncture for Trigger Points

Found a knot in your back that could make you jump? Chances are high you just discovered an active Trigger Point (TrP), that is a hyperirritable spot in the taut bands of the skeletal muscles' fascia.

A trigger point causes a muscle to shorten and lose strength, flexibility and proper function.

Why do we develop TrPs?

· muscle injuries

· continuous muscular stress

· repetitive motions

· poor posture and muscular weakness

· stress related (clenching your jaw for example)

When you press on a trigger point, it can be felt locally but also often this spot would refer pain to other areas. This pain is reproducible and does not follow dermatomes, myotomes, or nerve roots. If you had a really deep trigger point massage, you know the intense level of pain felt upon pressure.

Acupuncture for Trigger points

And that is where acupuncture comes in as a highly efficient way to resolve trigger points. Precise needling of an active trigger point elicits a brief contraction of muscle fibres. You will feel the muscle twitch, which sets the grounds for the muscle's recovery and pain relief.

Other things you can do to avoid or get rid of trigger points:

· Stretching

· Deep stroking massage/pressure

· Strengthening exercises

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